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Do you have a recipe for health?

Recipe Book

WE DO! Health is not a game of chance and it is not a matter of luck. There are proven principals that produce good health and we know what they are.

When it comes to health, many people seem to approach from the perspective that it is something they do not have, or that we only need do things for our health when there is something not working, or not feeling right.

Your health is like a house. You need to build it so that you can enjoy life using it. Just like a house, if you don't build it properly, with a strong foundation, well insulated walls, high quality construction materials, and an intelligent layout, your everyday experience can suffer.

We have a proven recipe for health. People have been using this recipe for over one hundred years and getting awesome results. You can too.

This recipe calls for keeping your nervous system clear of interference, keeping your mind filled with positive thoughts, your body filled with nutritious foods, and your muscles invigorated with regular exercise.

Click on the following headings to read more about each topic

+ More Energy

Wouldn't it be great to have your youthful energy back again? We may never get to relive that non-stop reservoir we had as three year olds, but having abundant energy to help us get through our daily tasks with ease is within everyone's reach.

Chiropractic is all about restoring energy. The nervous system operates on electrical energy and chiropractic adjustments remove resistance from this system so that energy can flow freely again.

You will sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed and rested, no longer feel like you need a nap all day, and no longer be dependent on coffee or some other type of stimulant to stay alert.

Increasing your energy level in this way is absolutely a game changer. Let chiropractic help you to turn your energy back on.

+ Stronger Immune System

"True health and healing comes from within." --Ted Koren

You have the ability to heal and protect yourself all the time. For example, our skin provides a physical barrier to invasion, fever will 'burn off' infection, swelling protects and brings healing to an injured area. When our immune system is unhealthy, it becomes distressed and can reveal itself as an allergic or hypersensitive disorder, or it can react poorly and show up as an immune deficiency disorder. Immune system disorders are becoming an increasingly common health issue today.

Our emotions also play an integral part in our health - depression leads to a depressed immune system, and happiness creates a healthier immune system. A key ingredient to good health and a strong immune system is expressing our feelings and enjoying healthy relationships.

"If you have connections, you keep going." --Bernie Siegel

This means all connections ... with friends, family, pets and ourselves. Laughter is another immune booster, it can improve your defenses against cancer, colds, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

Chiropractic care unifies the spinal and nerves function, creating a powerful immune system that balances your emotional and physical well-being. By listening to your body's wisdom and believing in your inner healer, you strengthen your healing abilities and your body functions optimally, which means you can better deal with fighting disease, illness prevention and being a better, healthier you!

+ Fluid Joints

Painful arthritic joints are so commonplace today that people think it is an unavoidable outcome of living a long life. This isn't so. There are many things you can do to keep your joints functioning with fluid movements and without pain. Your diet and lifestyle play a significant role, and chiropractic care can too.

Think about your car for a moment. When the front end is out of alignment, you put abnormal stress onto the tires and your tires wear out much faster. Your joints are kept in alignment by your muscles. Your muscles are controlled by your nerves. If you have subluxations that interfere with these nerves, then your joints become misaligned. Now, whenever you move around you are increasing the stress on your joint surfaces, and -- like your car's tires -- they wear out. That is what the most common arthritis is: the wearing out of the joints.

With the car, if you continue driving while misaligned, you wear the tires out faster. If you exercise more while misaligned, you wear your joints our faster, so exercise -- a vehicle for physical fitness -- can itself become a problem.

By correcting nerve interference in your body, your muscles can begin to function normally again, and your joints can be brought back into proper alignment. Now you can go do your favorite activity or exercise and your joints will thank you for it.

We all want to be strong and active through a long life. Chiropractic care can help you achieve that goal.

+ Clear Thinking

The health of your spine plays a key role in your ability to think clearly. The spine sends a constant flow of signals to the brain which keep it active and alert. When subluxations are present, these signals to the brain are diminished. It is like turning down a dimmer switch on a light. The electrical energy available in the brain is reduced, and since the process of thinking requires that energy, the capacity and reliability of thought can be likewise reduced. Some people call it brain fog, or muddled thinking. It can sometimes explain your memory not performing at the level it used to.

With gentle adjustments to the spine, you can clear the flow of those vital signals back up to the brain. Many people under regular chiropractic care report that they can tell the difference in their mental clarity before and after an adjustment.

We all want to have a sound mind throughout life. Let chiropractic be part of your strategy to keep your mind sharp.

+ Fullfilling Relationships

How you relate to others -- your spouse, your kids, your neighbours -- depends a great deal on how healthy you are. Let's face it, when we are having a bad day and we become irritable, we really don't get along with anyone the same way; we are not our best selves.

Deteriorating health is one of the most common causes of irritability in life. Sometimes it is a very slow process, and we may not always notice it happening. We just know that we don't feel right, and that might leave us stuck in a low, depressive, or bad mood. Unfortunately, we tend to take this out on those around us. We really don't want to, we just can't help it.

Many patients, and more importantly the spouses, children and families of patients, report that their overall outlook on life improves, making it much easier and more enjoyable to socialize.

The things we love to do often include doing it with those we love. Let chiropractic bring some joy back into your life, so you can share that joy with those who matter most to you.

+ Sound Sleep

Your ability to sleep soundly depends on a properly functioning nervous system. When the body is in pain it is obvious that this can disrupt your sleep. This has more serious consequences than just waking up drowsy. Your body does most of its cellular repair when you sleep. So if you are not sleeping soundly, the cells of your body will break down over time and more serious health problems can result.

Even if you don't have any pain, you may still suffer from insomnia or an inability to sleep through the night. There are many chemical changes that needed to happen in order to fall and stay asleep. This is why people use artificial chemicals, sleeping pills, to try to combat this problem. Unfortunately, this artificial approach doesn't fix the problem, it just helps you cope with it. It has also been shown to increase risks of other disorders like Alzheimer's.

All chemical production in the body has some level of nerve control which keeps things working normally. Subluxations can interfere with this chemical production. It may cause a production of too much of one chemical and/or not enough of another. As long as this imbalance is present, it won't matter how many sheep you count, the body just can't sleep.

When the body is adjusted and normal nerve flow is restored, the chemical production is brought back into balance. Getting back to normal sleep has a huge impact on your life and it will have a huge impact on your overall health.

Make chiropractic care part of your lifestyle so that you can keep the important function of sleep sound.