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Dr. Robin Whale, B. Sc., D.C.
Dr. Robin Whale, B. Sc., D.C. Dr. Robin Whale was inspired to become a Chiropractor at the age of fourteen, after his very first adjustment! Dr. Whale's father, who took him to that Chiropractor, provided additional inspiration as he watched his father stay upright and vital by receiving Chiropractic care since 1949.

Dr. Robin then began studying the principles for achieving a healthy vital body and graduated as a Chiropractor in 1992. He is fascinated by the intelligence and wisdom that runs the body and loves to teach others to tap into that mighty power and use it to both heal themselves and serve humanity. He applied this same concept to himself years ago when he used Chiropractic, and natural dietary methods, to heal his chronic esophagitis, and also to resolve a shoulder injury he had endured for over 20 years. Over the years, Dr. Robin has experienced the benefits of regular Chiropractic adjustments and feels ever more vibrant, alive and purposeful as he enjoys ageless living.

Dr. Robin's role at Whale Family Chiropractic is to facilitate, guide, and empower people of all ages to learn and practice the art and science of having a healthy body, mind, and spirit. He encourages them to follow common sense lifestyle choices and to begin listening to their natural inborn wisdom. He loves to see the light go on in people's eyes as they regain their health and vitality, and are able to 'do more of what they love'. He appreciates his highly efficient and caring support team in the practice, and respects their role in the healing process of their practice members. Dr. Whale adores his amazing wife and fellow chiropractor, Dr. Caroline Taylor, together they are a dynamic team, each bringing their own gifts to the practice. Robin cherishes quality time with his family, whether it is camping, traveling or a family game of tag at the park. His personal interests include music, the study of how to stay young and vital in both mind and body, and the study of how the mind creates and eliminates disease.


Dr. Caroline Taylor, B. Sc., D.C.
Dr. Caroline Taylor, B. SC, D.C. Dr. Caroline began providing Chiropractic care to members of this community in 2004, when she moved to Port Hope from her hometown of Brampton. She enjoys working with her husband, Dr. Robin, and the other staff and therapists at Whale Family Chiropractic to provide the best service possible to their patients.

Dr. Caroline adjusts a wide range of age groups but has a special focus on caring for pregnant women, children and young families because desires to give children the best start in life. She not only has experience in this area but has also completed a series of prenatal and pediatric Chiropractic courses, and continues to update her skills regularly.

Providing authentic service and assisting people in being able to live the lives they would truly love is what inspires Dr. Caroline most about being a Chiropractor. Being a very social person she loves to create lasting relationships with her practice members and witness them evolve and grow as they heal. She believes that being a Chiropractor is about so much more than just adjusting spines and offering lifestyle advice. It's about how a family's life transforms as they recapture the vitality to "do more of what they love" and find themselves living a life in congruence with what they truly value. Dr. Caroline knows that it is a privilege to be a part of this process!

When she is not in the practice adjusting, Dr. Caroline is busy taking care of their home and their son Emerson, who brings her immense joy (and pain as all you parents know). You might see them around town at the park, the Farmer's Market in the summer or on a tandem bike ride together. Dr. Caroline loves being a mother and feels that raising a healthy and conscious child is her most important "job" at this stage in her life. Dr. Caroline also loves expressing herself through singing, dancing and acting, most recently in a Radium Radio production and Dancing with the Docs 2015.


Pam Christie, Office & Business Manager
Pam Christie, Communications Manager Pam joined the Whale Family Chiropractic team in early 2015. Pam brings with her many years of Operations and Project Management experience, and has supported Robin and Caroline with a broad range of completed tasks including office efficiencies, social media, and website improvements.

Pam and her family have been patients of both doctors (starting with Dr. Whale in 2000), receiving excellent care physically and emotionally, which has kept everyone healthy and strong on a regular basis. Her children have been receiving chiropractic care since birth and are shining examples of health and vitality.

The atmosphere at the office is one of great energy and healing, with each patient having their own story to share which has created a community of wellness! Grateful to be part of the extended Whale Family.


Heather Harrison, C.H.A.
Heather Harrison, C.H.A. Heather joined the Whale Family Chiropractic Team in November 2015 as a Chiropractic Healing Assistant. She loves the warm, friendly atmosphere that Robin and Caroline promote as well as being part of the lives of people who share their healing journeys.